Talks & Teaching

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

I am currently teaching two courses on “Deep Learning” and “Machine Learning for Recommender Systemsat the UPF Graduate School of Economics Masters Course in Data Science in Barcelona. I’m also teaching a similar course at the GSE Data Science Summer School.

I also routinely give talks at universities and meetups. Here are my slides from my talk at the Budapest RecSys meetup on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems.


I am holding workshops designed to introduce researchers and graduate students to programming concepts in R and to provide various statistical analysis and machine learning tools in R e.g. multivariate statistical analysis, tests, visualization and graphics, linear models text processing, SVM’s, clustering etc. One of these workshops had a focus on “Machine Learning in R” held at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park in occasion of the 4th edition of ‘Jornadas de usuarios de R’ held on the 14-15/11/2012. A youtube video of the lecture and slides.

I’ve also held similar workshops and courses at Telefonica Research,  in Barcelona and Vienna University department of Social Sciences and the  Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Recommender Systems

Here are the slides and a youtube video from my lecture on Machine Learning for Recommender Systems given at the 2015 Summer School on Machine Learning in Sydney Australia.

Together with Linas Baltrunas and Yue Shi we gave a tutorial on Learning to Rank for Recommender Systems at ACM RecSys 2013 in Hong Kong.

 I  also gave a lecture on Recommender Systems at the 9th European Summer School on Information Retrieval designed to introduce researchers and graduate students to the topic.  Here are the slides.


Together with Zoe Lefkofridi, we were teaching (2008-2010) two undergraduate Statistics Courses at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Vienna: “Quantitative Methods in Political Research” and “Quantitative Political Inquiry: Concepts and Measurement, Tools for Data Description and Research Design-Strategies in Electoral Research”